Custom Software Development

Often standard solutions will not support special cases and unique requirements. It is too cumbersome & costly due to unwanted features. We can help you to develop the customized software solution best suited for your business.

We chose to showcase just a few in the Portfolio, so our visitors can get a glimpse of the kind of dedication and professionalism our clients can count on. From a simple HTML web page, to a complex presentation, we can create the perfect site for you.

Our Process

Requirement Collection

First we will communicate with you via email or phone to better understand your goals and requirements.

What you will get from step 1:
  • A clearer understanding of your options
  • Suggestions, tips and our ideas that we provide during our communications.
  • Crystallization of your needs based on what is possible.
Based on initial communications during Step 1, we will provide you the web site proposal. Normally we will provide the proposal within 5 to 7 days depending on the size of your project.
Home page Design
Upon getting the confirmation and first part payment as per the proposal, we will start the home page design.   We will give you an online demo of this Home page by uploading this to our server in a temporary place for you to review.   Normally we will provide the Home page design within 8 working days from confirmation.   After getting your feedback we will finalize the home page.
Prototype design & finalization of additional Requirement
Based on approved design of the home page we will create the site layout and one sub page and will give you another online demo. After approval, with your assistance, we will finalize the content (text, photos, video, logos, audio, etc.) that will be used in your site. At this stage, if in case, we will give you an estimate for additional new requirements if any in addition to the ones mentioned in the approved proposal.   
Software development
Based on approved prototype design, we will start the software development. Upon completion, we will give the online demo. After incorporating all your feedback and suggestion we will complete the site.
Test and Refine
Your completed website will be presented to you for review and testing. The site will be polished and refined until you are 100% satisfied.
System test
Before we launch, our testing team will test the site on whether it can handle unusual conditions, unusual traffic volumes and will check whether all the links and forms are working correctly.
After getting the final payment, we will make the site live. We will provide you video help on the site administration as well as online training.
Submission of site in Search Engines/Directories
Once the site is live, we will submit the site in search engines/directories. While designing itself we are designing the site in a search engine friendly manner. We will review the visibility of the site in search engines after 30 days and 60 days. If need to resubmit the site again we will do that at that time. We are doing this as part of our FREE service to our clients.
Lifetime Free Warranty
For all our software, we are giving LIFETIME FREE WARRANTY which means that if you found any bugs as long as you own this software, we will fix that without charging anything extra. For any ongoing support with respect to managing the website or managing the underlying software like Operating System and Database Manager, we expect you to take Annual Maintenance. The fee for this will be based on the amount of work required. Please select Why US to see our advantages and learn details of our Ongoing support.
Get a QUICK QUOTE as the first step in getting your own unique and powerful website. Following are few samples of our work.