Chirayil Infoteckh Pvt. Ltd. (CIPL) has been focusing on Internet and Mobile based Software Development. The software works over the internet or mobile network and is accessible from anywhere and anytime. Security is a huge concern for customers when your enterpise data is online. Because of that, we have multiple levels of security built into all our systems.

  • Password Security. All accesses to the system is based on user id and password
  • Multiple Logins per Employee. Each employee can have any number of logins each with different access rights.
  • Access Rights. Each login of each employee can have different access rights for each screen. You can deny access to a screen, give view access of give complete access.
  • Areas of Usage. The system has a user area, administration area and system administration area. You can assign any login to any specific area or combination of areas.
  • Override Password. You can set a login to require override password. That is two passwords will be required to use that login. You can set it to be valid for any number of days. That is you can type it once and then for some days you do not have to type it on the same computer. Using this you can make sure that certain logins are only used on certain computers.
  • Teams. Data access to information is by teams. You can have hierarchical teams like corporate structure or peer teams. Only team leader will be able to see the information for the team. If it is hierarchical team, then anybody in the hierarchy will be able to see information about people below them.
  • Ability to Bye Pass Hierarchy. You will be able to allow visibility to information outside the hierarchy. For example the HR department will need to see information about everybody in the company even people above them. You can also deny access to anybody even if they are in the hierarchy.
  • Access Delegation. You have the ability to assign your rights temporarily from a certain date to another date to anybody else and the delegate will get all additional rights for the duration.
  • Approvals. Information could be set as requiring approval. For example, leave application. The approvals can be a single approval or a set of cascading approvals where level 1 has to approve before level 2 is notified automatically.
  • Ability to manage login sessions. An employee session can be terminated and employee denied access instantly. Super user can login as anybody without password and access personal information if required.

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